Holosphere VR

“Elspeth is consistently able to deliver beautifully crafted copy against a wide variety of briefs. She understands how content and UX interlock and the importance of a customer-first approach when it comes to delivering online experiences. She’s still my go-to superlative example of great content/copy, and being halfway across the country wouldn’t stop me trying to poach her if I got the chance!”

Larry Brangwyn, Commercial Director at Holosphere VR


Elspeth’s got that key thing that defines all creatives worth their salt – inquisitiveness. She’ll break down a brief, probing back into the project’s history as to pinpoint the exact who, what and why of the messaging and audience psychology. She’s got a keen strategic mind which I’ve seen her let loose on content strategy and campaign work, which is similarly reflected in the precision of her writing.”

Ash Ogden, Senior Creative at Omobono

XTB Online Trading

Elspeth is a hugely talented copywriter and content specialist. She played a big role in connecting our brand to its target user base in a creative and thought-provoking way that helped move the brand’s core values in a new direction.

Joshua Raymond, Chief Marketing Officer at XTB Ltd

Fox Agency

“I worked with Elspeth for 2 years implementing an award-winning search strategy that included both on and off site content. She’s a pleasure to work alongside and is also an extremely talented content writer and strategist, with the ability to translate internal brand objectives and connect with an external agency very easily. “

Mike Jeffs, Director of Digital Strategy at Fox Agency